A River Crossing
Our Itineraries


In addition to taking on board a small number of existing excursions, we have ourselves designed and put together a total of four different Kenyan walking safari itineraries.

Designed to take our guests into very different terrain, each is situated within exciting big game territory.

Two lie in conservancies bordering the Maasai Mara, the other two being located in the Ol Pejeta and Lewa Conservancies.

The walking itineraries that we describe can be divided into three sections. The first of these - Our Own Walks - describes those serious camp-to-camp walks that we have spent a lot of time in putting together, but which, mainly for the safety reasons described earlier, we no longer feel comfortable about recommending, except to serious large groups.

Then, The Walks That Do Work refers to a wide range of walking safaris (including some accompanied by camels!) that are specifically on offer by a company that we feel comfortable with recommending, although, in truth, and unusually, we haven't actually experienced them for ourselves.

Finally, Other Kenyan Walking describes a small number of other opportunities to take to your feet in Kenya, albeit in more restricted circumstances.