Olare Orok/Naboisho Walking Safari

Formed as recently as 2006, the Olare Orok Conservancy was the outcome of a deal that was brokered with 277 Maasai land-owners, and which has become the template for the Mara community wildlife conservancies in general. Its 8000 hectares are now home to an abundance of animals including the Big Cats for which the Mara is famous. Olare Orok has vast open savannah plains that are teeming with wildebeest during the migration period and has several resident prides of lion as well. The Olare Orok Conservancy is exclusive to the 3 camps that are located here (two of which we use for our Walking Safaris) and minibus vans are not permitted so the only vehicles are the 4x4 safari vehicles from these few camps.

The similarly-sized Naboisho Conservancy was set up even more recently, but has already established itself as a prime destination. Rather more camps are planned to be located here (again, two of which we are using), but it will still remain largely untouched by the mass tourism that so dominates the Maasai Mara Reserve itself.

Our suggested itinerary is as follows. Always remember, though, that everything is completely flexible, and your trip can be individually tailored to your own particular wishes.

Your trip begins at Porini Lion Camp* in Olare Orok, one of the very best camps in the area. You will usually arrive in time for lunch, and can then spend the afternoon settling in and Porini Lion Camprelaxing, before taking either a late afternoon game drive, or a short walk around the area. If this your first time out on safari you will probably want to get your fill of game sightings, and hence the following day is earmarked for a full day game-viewing trip into the heart of the Maasai Mara Reserve itself, taking a picnic lunch. Then your final day can be spent getting in some more serious game viewing by vehicle in the area around the camp, or in getting your legs in shape for the serious walking to come.

On your fourth day you will undertake your first significant walk as you transfer south-east to the Kicheche Bush Camp. Arriving in time for lunch, you will again rest up in the early afternoon until it gets sufficiently cool to walk further or take a game drive. In either event you will conclude your day with a welcome sundowner, either in camp or at some exotic viewing point. After your evening meal it may be possible to take a night drive, during which you will encounter a whole new range of wildlife. Kicheche CampYour second day here can be spent walking or game-viewing by vehicle, to choice, within the area around the camp.

On your sixth day the process is repeated as you transfer on foot to Kicheche Naboisho Camp, this time situated, as its name proclaims, in the neighbouring Naboisho Conservancy. Your two days here will then follow a similar pattern to that encountered previously, with a choice between walking, game viewing and simply relaxing.

Then on your eighth day you will take your final major camp-to-camp walk in the area, ending up at the luxury, and notably eco-friendly Encounter Mara Camp. Two further nights will be spent here, during which you can take further walks in the area, or game drives by vehicle, until it is time for you to  move on to the next stage of your trip.

* Details of every camp mentioned can be found on our KenyaAway website.