Ol Pejeta Walking Safari

The 35,000 hectare Ol Pejeta Conservancy is situated right on the equator, in Kenya’s Laikipia District, between the foothills of the Aberdares and the magnificent snow-capped Mount Kenya. The Ol Pejeta Conservancy boasts an astounding variety of animals, including the ‘Big Five’ (with both the endangered black and white rhino), Grevy’s zebra, Jackson’s hartebeest and cheetah. Uniquely to be found here is also the hybrid Grevy’s – it was always believed that the Grevy’s was unable to interbreed with the common (plains) zebra, but the population originally imported here consisted of four males only: hey, what was a chap to do? There is also a chimpanzee sanctuary, open to visitors.

With only five member camps in this area, the exclusivity of your experience is virtually guaranteed. For our Walking Safari here we had originally planned to traverse between three to four of these, but the Conservancy is really a bit too small for this to work well, without duplicating the terrain covered to some extent. However this restriction has actually freed us up to construct what is probably the most exciting and varied of all our Kenyan walking safaris.

Your trip begins at the owner-managed Ol Pejeta Bush Camp*, situated close to the conservancy’s main entry gate. You will usually arrive in time for Ol Pejeta Bush Camplunch, and can then spend the afternoon settling in and relaxing, before taking either a late afternoon game drive, or a short walk around the area. If this your first time out on safari you will probably want to get your fill of game sightings, and hence the following day is earmarked for a full day’s game-viewing Then your final day can be spent getting in some more serious game viewing by vehicle in the area around the camp, or in getting your legs in shape for the serious walking to come.

From Ol Pejeta Bush Camp you can also experience bush breakfasts, practice lion tracking or undertake their bush skills course, described as 'a blend of wildlife conservation, ethnographical exploration and adventure travel'.

On the next day you will journey to a fly camp Camping on Ol Pejeta Conservancysituated on the banks of the Ngobit River, just outside the Conservancy. Fly camping is quite a different experience to that encountered in conventional camps and lodges, and takes you back to the very roots of African travel.

On the following day you will transfer on foot to Porini Rhino Camp. Arriving in time for lunch, you will again rest up in the early afternoon until it gets sufficiently cool to walk further or take a game drive. In either event you will conclude your day with a welcome sundowner, either in camp or at some exotic viewing point. After your evening meal it may be possible to take a night drive, during which you will encounter a whole new range of wildlife. Your second day here can be spent walking or game-viewing by vehicle, to choice, within the area around the camp.

From here you will then embark on a most unusual walking experience - accompanied by camels to carry your baggage and supplies. Two nights will be spent in the bush just outside the Conservancy, staying in mobile tented camps. These exhilarating walks in the bush are escorted by Samburu and Maasai guides with an intimate knowledge of the wildlife, people and landscape.

An option for your final night is to travel to Ol Pejeta House (now a Serena Hotels property, but at one time the exclusive ranch house of multi-millionaire Adnan Kashoggi, and retaining much of its historical opulence).

Two nights could be spent here, during which you can take further walks in the area, or visit the nearby Chimpanzee Sanctuary.

The Rhino Sanctuary nearby houses the greatest concentration of black rhino in East Africa, in addition to a number of the endangered Southern White Rhino.

* Details of every camp mentioned can be found on our KenyaAway website.